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Jl. KH Abdullah Safei (Cassablanca) No. 45 A-B
Lapangan Roos - Tebet, Jakarta Selatan
Telp. (021) 8370 1835
Fax.  (021) 8370 1824
Website : www.thecakestorage.com
E-Mail : info@thecakestorage.com


  • Storage Laksa
    Hokian noodle, bean sprout, prawn, ‘kangkung’ with special laksa soup

  • Storage “roti cane”
    Special bread dough baked with ‘storage’ ingredient, served with choice of chicken and beef curry.
  • Penang Char Kwietiaw  
    Special wide kwietiaw, cooked with chive bean sprout, Chinese green flower, mixed with chicken, prawn, squid using special Penang ingredient

  • Salted Fish Fried Rice
    A Penang recipe of fried rice, mixed with white cabbage, salted fish
  • Special Storage Kampong Fried Rice
    Traditional Indonesian fried rice, mixed with ‘kangkung’ and white cabbage, chicken, salted fish, fried with traditional ‘belacan’ seasoning.

  • Thai Fried Rice
    Traditional Thai recipe fried rice, mixed with vegetables and pineapple, cooked with special curry and chestnut

  • Beef Black pepper Udon
    Japanese udon noodle mixed with black pepper beef and cilantro leaf


  • Tenderloin Steak
    120 gr Australian beef tenderloin, grilled with special Storage sauce, served with French fries and mixed vegetables

  • Sirloin Steak
    120 gr Australian beef sirloin, grilled with special Storage sauce, served with French fries and mixed vegetables

  • Chicken Stroganoff
    Slice of chicken breast in a creamy brown mushroom sauce, red & green bell pepper, served with fettuccini

  • Beef Stroganoff
    Slice of beef in a creamy brown mushroom sauce, red & green bell pepper, served with fettuccini

  • Chicken Cordon blue
    Breaded chicken breast filled with beef bacon & cheese, served with creamy fettuccini & mixed salad

  • Storage Dog
    A selected storage hotdog with onion and vegetables, topped with melted mozzarella cheese in afresh home made bun, served with fresh deep fried potatoes.
  • Storage Cheese Burger
    A special storage grilled beef burger, mixed salad & cheese, served with fresh deep fried potatoes
  • Storage Barbeque Beef Burger
    A special storage grilled beef burger with barbeque sauce, mixed salad, served with fresh deep fried potatoes


  1. Calamari
    Fried calamari with tartar sauce

  2. Nachos
    Crispy Mexican corn tortillas top with selected cheese, sour cream, guacamole and jalapenos, served with tomatoes and avocado dipping.

  3. Potato Wedges
    Fresh fried potatoes wedges with melted cheese

  4. Storage French Fries
    Fresh deep fried potatoes
    + extra cheese

  5. Fried Mushroom
    Deep fried fresh mushroom, served with tartar sauce

  6. Onion Ring
    Deep fried crispy onion ring, served with tartar sauce

  7. Bruschetta

    • Vegetable Bruschetta
      Tomatoes, red onions, garlic, basil, top with parmesan cheese
    • Beef bacon Bruschetta
      Tomatoes Concasse, avocado, beef bacon, topped with parmesan cheese
  8. Cheese Garlic Bread
    A fresh homemade garlic bread topped with parmesan cheese

  9. Fried vegetable spring roll
    Classis fried spring roll filled with carrot, spring onion, mushroom and chicken.


  1. Broccoli cream soupA fresh broccoli blended well in a creamy soup with baked bread on top

  2. Mushroom cream soupA fresh mushroom blended well in a creamy soup with baked bread on top

  3. Tom Yam SoupA unique ‘storage’ seafood sour soup. You will find ‘tons’ of seafood in fresh and tasty sour soup.



Our cheese cake is always made from fresh materials, started from fresh vanilla fluffy sponge made with special cooking techniques that creates a very soft taste finish, followed by our signature blueberry cream cheese. Fresh original blueberry spread on the top, covered by baked meringue. Our blueberry cheese cake known as the cake that makes everyone addicted.

It’s fresh strawberries all over the top !  One of our masterpiece cheese cake , the strawberry cheese cake ! It is made from our special vanilla fluffy sponge, covered by our signature strawberry cream cheese. So you will find fresh strawberry & truly tasty “cake storage”

One of our masterpiece cheese cake , you can’t find it elsewhere ! It is made from our special vanilla sponge, covered by our signature mango cream cheese. On the top, its all covered by fresh Mango cut.  It’ so unique and fresh., it’s Mango !

So colorful and fresh. It is very tempting, fresh fruits all over the top. Perfect combination of fresh strawberries, kiwis, grapes and oranges mixed together with our master piece vanilla cheese cake. What a lovely taste !

You will never find this else where,  only at The Cake Storage. A cappuccino fluffy sponge  based cheese cake flavored with tasty cappuccino, followed by cappuccino cream cheese. The unique and perfect taste is a great moment in every bite. The cake covered by coffee mirror, smooth and tasty baked almond sponge that blend perfectly with the cappuccino cheesecake. It’s truly a great taste that you’ll never forget !

Are you a chocolate lover ? Don’t miss this cake, made with layers of our special chocolate sponge and chocolate ganache, covered by dusting of cocoa powder & shaving chocolate. The chocolate taste is everywhere in every bites, you will hardly find difficulties not to start your second bites immediately !

A truly delightful chocolate cake . Started with chocolate sponged, followed by rich chocolate cream ,white couverture, & dark cooverture filling,  finished by dark chocolate cream. Another chocolate lover’s favorite.

Another chocolate lover’s choice. A chocolate sponge base, layered with smooth & rich vanilla cream. The combination of chocolate sponge & smooth vanilla cream is a true chocolate sensation. Covered by chocolate glaze on the top & mixed white & chocolate cream on the side. What a chocolate !

Our Tiramisu is made from Ladies fingers  sponge, followed by  mascapone  cream mixed with high quality coffee powder. The special butter cream is making the perfect combination taste. On the top it’s dusted with cocoa powder.  Find a classic taste on it .

Find a sensation of our triple cheese cake. Started with vanilla sponge, followed by chocolate cream cheese, strawberry pure cream cheese & white chocolate cream cheese,  finished by sprayed icing on top.  The sensation you can’t avoid.

The Oreo cookies become famous, nothing wrong with that. The Oreo cookies blend well with our cheesecake. Oreo sponge fluffy cheese followed by tasty cream cheese. Covered by Oreo chunk, blancia on the top and Oreo cookies on the side.  A must try !

More and more cheese in our cake !  Vanilla sponge added with cream cheese and layered with shaved cheese and covered by shaved cheese and mixed peel. Ladies finger on the side. It’s called Asian Fruit cheese cake, and you will find the blended taste of vanilla sponge & cheese, the cheese sensation, indeed.

We couldn’t find a better name !  It’s full of tropical fruits, with vanilla sponge base, layered by rich vanilla cream and sprayed by ‘tons’ of fresh fruits , surrounded by baked almond sponge. When you taste the first bite, you would not regret the names.

We made everything our own, so do the ice cream cakes. You will find our classic choice of home-made ice cram cakes. It’s different & it is truly great taste.

TRIPLE ice cream cake
RUM RAISIN ice cream cake
BLACK FOREST ice cream cake

Another masterpiece cheesecake from us ! It is made from our special vanilla sponge, covered by our signature avocado cream cheese. Shaved fresh avocado are everywhere on the top.  Truly delicious ! & only available @ “the cake storage”.

Black forest can be found anywhere, but ‘the cake storage’ black forest is different. Started with 3 layers chocolate sponge base then continue with whipping cream and juicy cherry filling. On the top, it’s covered by dark & white chocolate shaving. On the side it’s covered by chocolate marble. The experienced will never be forgotten when you start your first bite!

Another master piece of ‘the cake storage’ . The classic Opera that we made is making everyone addicted! Our almond sponge combines with “secret recipe’ butter cream & chocolate butter cream, covered by unique & tasty chocolate cornflakes on the side and a thin ganache on the top.  Taste it & the cake speaks itself!

It’s chocolate & cheese. Some may say triple, but we say delicious. The cake start with chocolate sponge based combine with dark couverture, choc milk couverture,  selected gold cheese and topped with dark chocolate.  It is just nice !

The famous Indonesian recipe “lapis legit” cake is provided here, made from butter, egg, sugar ,flour and some special ingredients. Using The Cake Storage secret recipe & special cooking techniques, the ‘lapis legit’ will gives you a very memorable taste that you will never forget. Be careful, we will not be held responsible if you addicted to it.

Another Indonesian recipe, made from butter, egg, sugar, flour and some special ingredient, the ‘lapis Surabaya’ is just perfect. You will find a great local taste combine with our secret recipe. Come and get one

Some may say cassava cake, but we say ‘ta-pe cake’. It is another original cake made from cassava. A unique cooking technique that make our ‘ta-pe’ cake different. It is so tasteful, soft, that make you wondering what kind of cake it is. It is a truly ‘ta-pe ‘ cake.

A traditional Indonesian cakes that becoming less famous to the young generation. We make it back, as it deserves to be famous. The ketan hitam cake are made from the black sticky rice, combine with cream cheese and cocoa powder, it makes a fantastic combination. New sensation of traditional culinary,  go get one.

The klapertaart is a traditional Indonesian cake from Manado, influenced by Dutch name. It’s made from coconut layered with cream and cinnamon powder and topped with raisins.
We can’t say many words, except “fantastic !”.  It is a new culinary experience, you must try it !


The Cake Storage is the realization of lifelong dreams and hobbies. It was finally established by Rini Martini & her friends.  Rini started cooking and baking more than 20 years ago, and cake and patisseries were always be a major interests for her. She developed more culinary knowledge during her study in Washington, DC. For the past 10 years, she has been known as one of the best homemade cakes and cookies bakers in Jakarta. Her unique products are recognized as having a “truly great taste “. 

The Cake Storage is the realization of her lifelong journey. Together with her friends and a few chefs that have proven “cooking hours” track records, they created “The Cake Storage”. The philosophy of serving customer with ONLY” truly great tasting culinary products are delivered by our biggest asset:  “The Cake Storage team”.

The Cake Storage provides variety of homemade fresh cakes. Not only international cakes, such as cheese cakes, chocolate cakes and ice cream cakes but also traditional Indonesian cakes such as Lapis Legit cakes, Marble cakes, Ketan Hitam cakes & klapertaart are available. 

The Cake Storage comes up with a few masterpiece cakes, such as Mango cheesecake, Avocado cheesecake & Cappuccino cheesecake. All the masterpiece products were developed through research and development by the team through interaction with customers. The master piece cakes can only be found here at The Cake Storage. 

Apart from cakes, The Cake Storage also provides a variety of “legendary’ homemade cookies and ice cream, and, for those who love to dine in, a variety of Western, European and Asian delights are waiting at The Cake Storage. The cozy ambiance at the shop blends together with an unforgettable taste for an awesome experience.